Chiropractic Medical Billing Service

Chiropractic Medical Billing Service

If you are missing out on the payouts just because of the poor chiropractic billing and coding practices, the idea of outsourcing your chiropractic billing processes to Dr. Eve Designs is worth consideration. Experts at Dr. Eve Designs can be your first-hand support to mitigate any billing, coding, or claims submission issue arising out of poor practice and billing management.

We specialize in revenue cycle management while holding equal expertise in insurance billing, collection, and practice management. We can provide you with the personalized chiropractic billing services for your requirement. Get over with the waiting period and instantly call us or submit the online form to get your instant quote for Chiropractic Medical Billing Services.

We Are Your Chiropractic Medical Billing Partner

If you are seeking the support of a dependable chiropractic billing partner to get relieved from the congestion of claims piled up at your clinic, get us on board. We have a pool of coders, billers, and other experts to ease the course of your Revenue Cycle Management. Our Chiropractic Coding and Billing Services are composed of software-backed practice management systems and experienced billing and coding experts. Experts work in an integrated setting with your practice management and software-based billing system to ensure that you don’t lose what your patients owe you.

Tech-Enabled Insurance Billing System

Dr. Eve Designs brings a team of expert billers to develop personalized billing systems for your chiropractic clinic. This ensures smooth insurance billing and takes away the burden off from your in-house healthcare staff. We deploy a tech-enabled insurance billing system and experienced billers and coders into your service to handle chiropractic insurance billing operations. If you do not have an in-house team and standalone billing system, Dr. Eve Designs can provide you with the necessary support to streamline your revenue cycle management (RCM).

Expert-Assisted Insurance Verification

Dr. Eve Design can bring off insurance verification support to ease your billing burden. The insurance verification experts at Dr. Eve Designs do a double check of patients’ insurance for validity and authorization. We can bring it to your knowledge whether a patient’s insurance plan covers the desired chiropractic procedure or not so that you can wisely decide the course of your patients’ treatment. If you want to avoid claims denials, we can hand our support out with our chiropractic insurance verification services.

Standard Chiropractic Coding

Appropriate coding is crucial for accurate and error-free claims submission. However, the in-house health care personnel at your chiropractic care facility might not be aware of the correct coding of bills. Dr. Eve Designs brings unparalleled coding support for accurate chiropractic insurance billing by a team of certified professional coders (CPC). AAPC-certified coders work with VPN-enabled practice management software (PMS) and are proficient enough to carry out chiropractic billing operations in line with the standard insurance coding and billing system.

Chiropractic Claims A/R Management

Timely follow-up of insurance claims is important when you don’t want your chiropractic care facility to get stuck in the middle out of insufficient cash flow. We at Dr. Eve Designs help clients with account receivable (A/R) follow-up and cash flow management. We have a team of accomplished A/R management experts who have the expertise to do well with the A/R follow-up with insurance companies to find necessary updates about claims, get the status of appeals sent to insurance companies, and receive details about claims denial

Why Choose Dr. Eve Designs For Chiropractic Insurance Billing?

If you are looking for expert insurance billing, verification and coding support for your chiropractic care facility, bet your trust on us. We have experts in place to manage A/R follow-ups and do well with cash flow. Dr. Eve Designs can hand out the necessary billing support from reviewing claims to following up the status of the insurance claims submitted. Our A/R handlers can keep track of everything to make sure that you go easy with the course of your insurance billing.

With Us, You Grow A Profitable, Productive And Stress-Free Healthcare Practice.

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